Why can’t you,if they are …

…Just in front of me sitting up with my Comfortable Posture

A door that opens in the balcony has a building closer,

Beside my vision looks a bit left for no reason

That building of more than five stories holding up too much weight of floors has a plant of sesame

I found it there,stems cracking the wall and they are strong enough ,grown long grasping many leaf

Leaves …are floating with the blow of wind

They are Alive , They seem to be happy and have a smile

Cuddling together, kissing each other looking no complaints they have about isn’t right or its not fair

I observed their roots… scrambling out on the wall appears as their foots

It’s too easy to grow in soil but their fate took them up on walls where it’s nearly impossible to uproot

They are Alive, their Green flicks shouting their victory of life

Why can’t you if they are alive…