MBA Chaiwala

Know the story of a MBA dropout who went on to become a multi-millionaire chaiwala (meaning tea seller).

A 25-year old MBA dropout now runs a cafeteria with more than 50 outlets throughout India. Prafull Billore, founder and owner of MBA Chaiwala started this organization in the year 2017. He is also TEDx and Josh Talks Speaker. He has featured in BBC, CNN, TOI, ZEE and other such platforms. He has also delivered lectures in many colleges, including IIM Ahmedabad.

Prafull belongs to a small town Dhar in Indian state Madhya Pradesh. He was pursuing MBA from Ahmedabad University. He also started doing a part time job at McDonald’s to have an experience of professional work. Soon he lost interest in his studies and left midway. He also realized that earnings at this rate would never make him rich. “How will I become a big man if even after MBA I’d work like this?”says Prafull.

In the year 2017, he started a tea cart on SG Highway in Ahmedabad. Despite opposition from family and friends, he saw nothing wrong in MBA Chaiwala which stands for Mr. Billore Chaiwala. Initially, he struggled with tea making. But he knew that tea being the most preferred drink in India, people will drink it anyway. Soon he mastered the art of making tea. Moreover, seeing an English speaking man selling tea, people were fascinated by his cart. His tea cart started gaining popularity. He also tried different things like organizing cricket matches, ludo games, and also put up a whiteboard where people could leave messages for their dear ones.

After running the tea cart for two years, Prafull expanded into a franchise café in Bhopal. Once started off as a cart, MBA Chaiwala now runs 50+ stores throughout India and plans to open 100 outlets by the end of this year.

The young entrepreneur has also set up a MBA Chaiwala Academy. A combination of his inspiring storyline and his adeptness on social media led to a large following, which he says played a pivotal role in establishing his brand. He talks about entrepreneurship on social media, pointing out the limitless possibilities open to everyone who wants to pursue their goals.

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Prafull Billore