“Education Should be Free For Everyone”

The opinion that education should be free for everyone is quite a controversial subject. The reason behind this controversy is an enormous expenditure invested by governments as well as private sectors in this particular field. Therefore, it’s hard to state that this viewpoint of not charging for education could become very beneficial for the country and their economic growth.

Photo by Pragyan Bezbaruah on Pexels.com

Education is the process of acquisition of knowledge, values, skills, morals, beliefs, habits, personal development etcetera. This is the method to facilitate an enlightening experience via teaching, training, research, discussion etcetera. Education is a give and take process the more we spread the more we build our knowledge and wisdom.

If we look back to History then we’ll notice about the partiality of the education system such as poor societies didn’t have had rights to afford knowledge and caste-racism was always being there. Moreover, only fortunate communities have the opportunities to avail the education . The mentioned illustration create chaos in the well- being society and it’s diverted many talented pupils taste of the glory of success, pride. However in present era government enacted various rules and regulations with schemes which upholds the nation’s equality.

Today’s education system is pretty advance but bit a negotiable business as well. This is because in the 21st century of the education system provides not only the components of learning knowledge and building a career even though extracurricular activities are also presented there but in an expensive amount. As we know the education system working for raising of money not for raising the education. These indicates that we have again reached the same place where we had started yet the large area of the people in the society can’t afford a quality based education for their offspring’s to build their knowledge. The inability of individuals to save money to pay for kid’s schools, universities and tuition fees causes anxiety and stress for the middle class society. It indicates that the richness of the country doesn’t define a poor person’s woe. They doesn’t feel that they are enough able to produce their kid’s future bright with proper education.

However, the free of cost education system helps the availability of knowledge, skills, values, morals etcetera for everyone and with an adequate guidance they reach to the peak of success. Eventually nothing seems to be more beneficial to the economy than the intelligent nation. A few initial works such improvement will bring happiness to the entire country. The free access to knowledge works for underprivileged children to improve their quality of living style. Education is the basis of our successful journey.