Drottningholm Palace: A Main Attraction ofSwedish Beauty

-By Shivam Pathak

The Drottningholm Palace is one of the Sweden’s famous Royal Palaces, which has a sensation of distinctiveness. In cold winters of Sweden its beauty gets enhance. It was constructed in the late 16th century. The palace had accommodated the Swedish royal court during summer season, for most of the 18th century. In the year of 1580 the palace was constructed by John III of Sweden for his beloved wife, Queen Catherine Jagellon.

In the year of 1661, a year after Queen Dowager Regent Hedwig Eleonora’s role as queen of Sweden was ended, she
purchased the castle. But later on the same year in the month of December the palace was burned to ashes. After this incident Hedwig Eleonora summoned an architect, named Nicodemus Tessin the Elder, to reconstruct the castle. In 1662, the work of reconstruction began in the
year of 1662. During the reconstruction of the palace Eleonora died, in 1681.

After the demise of Eleonora, Her son Nicodemus Tessin the Younger continued her work and completed the elaborate interior designs. The reconstruction of the palace was finally completed in the year of 1686.

Even after this, in the past four-hundred years, the palace and its grounds had undergone several renovations, changes and additions. In the year of 1991 the
UNESCO listed this palace as a world heritage site. Today this palace is one of the prime tourist destinations in Sweden.