Richard Liu; One of China’s Influential Billionaires

Richard Liu is the founder and present CEO of the e-commerce company, His name is familiar to every stock merchant in China and is among the most influential business world characters. This article aims at giving you an in-depth look at Richard Liu’s role in the sudden demand for JD stocks.

The company is the second-largest online trading platform in China. It is Beijing-based and first traded on NASDAQ in 2014. In 2019, the firm reported revenue of $83.5 billion with over 441 million active users. We would be lying by saying Liu did not have an impact on their success.

How Much is Richard Liu Worth?

According to, his net worth is $19.9 billion. Relatively, his value is equivalent to 10.7M troy ounces of gold or 347M barrels of crude oil. What might shock you is that Richard Liu did not have the most luxurious childhood or upbringing.

Most of his fortune is from his stake in, an online platform which he founded. His business-oriented mindset has seen him hold massive shares in other multinational companies like Max Smart and Rising Holdings. In 2014, Liu authorized the acquisition of fifteen percent of JD stock to Tencent holdings. It is the cash from this transaction that translates to almost all the cash investment proceedings by him.

Liu’s Biography

Richard Liu was born in 1973 in Eastern China’s Jiangsu province. Fast forward to his undergraduate life, where he studied at Renmin University and graduated with a degree. While there, he familiarized himself with computer coding and continued improving his new skill. Business-wise, Liu tried out a campus restaurant, which failed and left him in debt.

Without losing hope, Liu ventured into the technology field and started making computer parts sales in 1998. He later closed the retail store after the SARS epidemic greatly affected the Chinese market. It is here that he switched focus to online sales via 360 Buy.

He dedicated his efforts to improving this platform hence its success today. After a considerable amount of success, Liu rebranded to in 2014. It has over 200 million active users who shop for a wide variety of products. They include clothes, books, and electronics. Now is among the most successful e-commerce platforms in the world.

JD Stock

Everyone stock merchant knows the buy value of JD in the market currently. Its past performance and efficient leadership promise nothing but excellent investment value. For this reason, we have come to observe the recent spike in buy transactions concerning this stock.

Analysts predict that JD will maintain its upward trend for a considerable duration. It automatically makes the JD stock a strong buy.

Richard Liu, the founder of, deserves all the association with its success. It is through his excellent leadership skills and a sharp business kind that JD stocks are in demand. Contact us; we are open to having your thoughts on the viability of JD stocks.