Coronavirus survivor I have been through so many disastrous condition in this for 2-3 weeks a hell of ups-downs, loneliness, frightened and anixety of what will happen next.

Will I be alive or dead the next second. In the hospital I got to see so much of hustle-bustle and none of my family member can visit and take care of me. I was breathless and want some fresh air. And want to meet all and say sorry for my ignorant behaviour.

It’s not just the nurses and doctors. It’s the people who are driving the ambulances. It’s the paramedic crews. It’s the woman at the desk doing the admin work. It’s the man coming in cleaning up after a dead body. It’s the porter taking it down to the morgue. The police staff taking serious actions.

Every single person is playing their part. I have written to the ambulance service and the hospital to thank them for their incredible care and dedication.

I touched death and I’m very lucky to be alive. What I’m now looking forward to is appreciating nature. I realised material things don’t matter. When I get outside I want to breathe the air, look at birds and enjoy the natural beauty of the world.

I’ve been given a second chance, A new life.