We all have someone in our life, the one we look up to and and the one we admire the most. The people who inspires us, who gives us strength to overcome all the challenges and the ones who give our life a new meaning and a new and a brighter path. This inspiration can be anyone- a person, an object, any non-living thing and it can even be an animal. Some people have found their inspiration and some are still in search of that particular thing which will give them a new prospective. Luckily I am one of those who have found their inspiration. This is a story of me narrating my first and the last meeting with my inspiration.

This incident took place 7 months ago when Covid-19 was not a big deal and just like my daily routine I was returning home from my college. That day I was quite dejected and and downhearted because my marks of the internal assessment were given and I’d scored very low marks in one subject. I’d prepared for that particular subject wholeheartedly, but still end up getting low grades.I was heading towards the bus stop, my mind full of hundreds of thoughts about my bad grades(as my college is very far from my home and I was compelled to use the public transport), suddenly a voice from behind broke my chain of thoughts. I turn around and saw a little boy, holding lots of balloons in his hands and staring at me with a heart melting smile. He came running towards me and told me whether I am interested in buying a balloon? I never liked balloons
(I am scared of them), but there was something in his smile that I ended up buying it. I gave him money(a little extra than the actual cost of the balloons) and told him that because of the rush in the public transport I would not be able to take the balloons with me, so he can keep them with him. He immediately declined me and said, ” No didi(elder sister) I cannot keep this money, if you won’t take this balloon. I want to earn money by doing some work, by selling some balloons and not like this.” I was stunned by his reply and finally agree to take the balloons. But now I was very inquisitive about this little boy so I asked him whether he will accompany me to the nearby Ice-cream shop. Initially he was hesitating but after insisting him he said okay. We went to the shop and I ordered ice-cream for both of us, meanwhile I asked him about his family and asked him why is he working at such a young age age. He told me his father died when he was 2, and his mother works as a maid. Since the income was not enough he decided to do some work after his school hours, so he started selling balloons. He said I don’t want to beg anybody for money or food, instead I will Earn them by doing work. After finishing the Ice-cream he picked his remaining balloons and say now he got to go as he wants to sell more balloons. I wished him good luck and asked him to meet me outside the shop, the next day, at the day time. He agreed and ran away.

During my whole journey I kept thinking about him, about how brave and determined he was about his goals. I suddenly felt how stupid was I to get sad about my bad grades, when my problems were nothing his front of his. The boy’s problems were giant and still he was so happy and dedicated towards solving them. A small boy, not even half of my age, unintentionally became my inspiration that day. Unfortunately he never showed up after that day, yet I feel and hope someday I will surely meet him again, again I would be able to witness that brightness on his face has his unforgettable smile.



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