Another forwarded messege

I recieved an messege on my whatsapp
  which included the interview of Dr Girdhar Gyani, the convenor of a task force on COVID-19 hospitals, taken by the Quint. It talks about the oncoming stage 3 of the pandemic on the country. Dr Gyani, who’s the founder of the Association of Healthcare Providers, was part of a video conference of healthcare professionals with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 24 March. In the interview, he pointed out the fact that government does not have enough PPE kits so it is only checking patients that have all the three symptoms together – coughing, breathing problem, and fever. If the patient has only one of the symptoms, then they are not being tested. He continued by suggesting that the government needs to re-strategize or the country will soon reach the 3rd stage. He also mentioned his concerns about transferring the patients from hospital to hospital without the virus spreading.
The message created the curiosity to fact check the same,
Procedure followed to check the message is:
• Name of the journalist and the date. The journalist was Poonam Aggarwal, and has written articles like “Delhi police abandoned us on the road: Migrant Labourers”.
• I checked if there were any articles written by Poonam Aggarwal on 26th March 2020(the date given in the article), and we found the same article.
• I checked the logo and website of The Quint for its authenticity.
• We verified the given facts in the interview, regarding the number of cases so that more credibility could be established.