“Creative without strategy is called art , creative with strategy is called advertising”. The quote mentioned above is enough to understand the value of advertising , i.e, Advertising is just an art if its done without any strategy and the correctly done advertising can do wonders to you and to your products.Advertising is any paid form of communication from an identified sponsor and source that draws attention to ideas, goods, services or to the sponsors itself. It is generally directed towards group rather than individuals and is mainly done through media TV, radio, newspapers and Internet. Advertising and Marketing are generally considered the same concept but they aren’t. Marketing is the process of preparing a product , keeping in mind the trends, expectations and demand of the customers whereas Advertising is the concept of making the product or service known to the audience.Marketing involves consumer behavior and market research and Advertising involves creative endeavors like design and multimedia production. The role of Advertsing is very crucial in the success of the product, it not only creates image of a product but also increase the reach too. The major roles of Advertsing are:

EDUCATING THE CUSTOMERS – Through advertising the company can guide the customers about how to use the product, about the handling operations and the Do’s and don’ts of a product.Sometimes the process of using a product can be quite complex, in those cases advertising proves to be a big help.

BRAND IMAGE – The image of a product plays a very prominent role in its success. Advertising helps the product in creating that image which creates name of that product among the customers.The content of the advertsing message, the nature and packaging of the products are some of the factors which help in creating an image for the product.

PERSUASION – There are hundreds of similar products available in the market, so the focus of the organization should not only be to advertise the product but also to persuade the customers to buy the same.Through the help of persuasive messages, the organizations give reasons to describe the superiority of their product as compared to the other similar products which are available in the market.

BRAND LOYALTY – Loyal customers is all an organization can wish for, as one loyal customer can increase the head count of a product by suggesting and recommending it to their friends.Sales promotion, personal selling are some of the elements which help in building brand loyalty.

EXPANSION OF MARKET – Advertising helps in expanding the business of an organization. The Advertisement of a product should be effective, which will create an impact on the customers. The product can expand from local to regional to national and then to an international level through correct advertising.