productivity and performance after covid

The COVID-19 crisis has shown how performance and productivity are driven by purpose, strengthened by regular communication, and at their peak in a flexible organizational culture.

Over many years, performance management systems have been a key topic of discussion. Bell curve or not, annual performance review vs ongoing performance discussions, have been discussed at various levels. But then, came the year 2020 and with it, the pandemic, productivity and performance took a backseat and employers became more concerned about employees’ safety and the business continuity. But now as slowly most countries relax the lockdown, the business and HR leaders are looking to reset workplace and people policies in the new reality of work. 

Amongst the many questions which this phase is putting into our minds, people’s performance is a prominent one. Recently, to discuss how companies can measure productivity and performance, in current times without any baseline, leaders like Leena Sahijwani, Group Vice President, Human Resources, Tata Sons Limited and Gaurav Agarwal, Co-founder & CTO, 1mg came together in a webcast hosted by People Matters and PeopleStrong. The discussion moderated by Mrigank Tripathi, VP, PeopleStrong highlighted how the pandemic has inspired business and HR leaders to look at productivity and performance differently. 

The pandemic has shown that when you have a very binding purpose with you, no one asks or questions, they just make it happen. Though it is not a surprise, it has been an eye opener,

said Sahijwani