Board Results AMIDST pandemic days !!!

Class 10th and 12th are the days of board exams. The board exams are important for all the students as well as their parents and family. The entire family eagerly waits for the board results of their child.


Every year, Board Exams are held in India in March and April and results are usually declared around May and June. But this time, the situation is a bit different. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the exams could not be conducted, there was an unexpected shutdown of schools and exams were postponed hoping it can be conducted a few months later. But, the spread of virus could not be controlled in these days and the number of infected population kept on increasing. An initial prediction gave an estimate that the corona cases can get under control by July and hence board exams can be held in July, but unfortunately that prediction didn’t work out. The administration tried out different options so that the remaining exams could be held and students can get the marks and grades that they actually deserve. It was decided that by maintaing proper sanitisation as well social distancing rules at schools, and by following proper guidelines such as wearing masks,etc, exams will be conducted in July. Unfortunately, all these proposals could not be put into action due to the continuous increase in number of cases. It was now wise to see and care for the health of students rather than for the exams. So, it was decided not to take risk on the life of youngsters. It was announced that all the exams are to be cancelled and results are to be declared by 15th of July. The assessment will be based on the exams given by the student till then.


Besides the challenge faced by the students, it was a tough time for teachers as well to do the evaluation while staying at home. The answer sheets of students were made to reach teachers at their home itself and they  could complete the copy-checking at their place. All updation of marks of individual students was done online and compilation was done and results of students were prepared. Results of class 10th and 12th for different boards are already declared and is  to be declared for CBSE in a few days. Since exams were not conducted in the way it used to be. Thus, this time it is expected that there will be a very easy grading. Due to this, it is expected that the a large number of board students will clear the exam. The pass percentage is expected to be high this year. Since relaxed marking is expected this time, hence most of the students are expected to be satisfied with the results. However, there are chances that a few students might find their score not satisfactory as they could have performed better if exams were held. For this, the administration has come up with the solution of re-examination for those students who are not satisfied with their result and want improvement. 

The situation has been hard for all of us. Everyone tried their best to keep the situation as normal as possible. The idea of holding the examination was also supported until it was understood that this idea could make the situation worse, due to which, then the idea was dropped. After the examination, admission to class 11 has to be done. And for students of class 12th, admissions to colleges needs to be done. Hence, there was a need to wrap up with the school exams and go ahead with the competitive exams and admission process. Taking the decisions were difficult for everyone but there is a hope that the decisions taken will bring out the best results for the majority.