A Farming Nation


Agriculture is the Mainstay for the Indian economy. The share of Agricultural sector capital formation in GDP declined nearly 2.89 percent in 2012-2013.This has improved to 3.87 in 2018-2019. It contributes nearly 18% of national income,while 54% are depend on agriculture.

Agricultural growth has direct impact on poverty eradication. It also an important factor in containing inflation raising Agricultural wages and employment generation. To encourage the Agricultural products ,the Government announce minimum support price to crops.

But since 2012,Indian agriculture sector is almost going through a crisis of huge food grain surplus wiped,crop failures,threats and suicides of country. Commercial crops are the crops which are produced for trade purpose like oil seeds,sugar,fibre crops.

India known as Rice bowl and sugar bowl of world. Here,The Importance of Agriculture in the industrial sector is not only for supply of raw material,but it provides food grains for the people working in that sector and market for industrial products.

The government of India introduce Agricultural sector in five year plan to reform activities and solutions for farmers. “India a farming country ,to be farming country forever “