Red velvet mite(Aarudhra worm)


Red velvet mite,Popularly known as Rain bugs. The scientific name of this worm is TROMBIDIIDAE.These are red in colour.It ranges in size of 5-7mm and non poisonous. These are Farmer friendly worms.

The Worm which signs for Good rains and good agriculture season throught year. Mainly, In A.P the farmers are believed this for good rainy season and time to cultivate land and Harvesting.

This worms are only comes at rainy season.They are part of soil arthopods which makes soil fertile by decomposing organic material. These shows potential biological control of season.

They also play vital role to the rate of soil fertile and eats harmful bacteria and worms. Farmers have pinned much hope on this worms for good yielding and good season.

Source:Village Farmers