What you will when we will tell you that we are going to use every single space of your home. Therefore came up with matte colour wardrobe attached open racks that will be going to make up a lot of space for you. That will be going to perfectly suit your white background and wooden floor.


What is your kitchen if your cabinets and appliances are not fitted properly?I had the answer for you because the kitchen cabinets today we made are not more than the wings to future. The stainless steel gives and additional style and finish to the cabinets and the sliding racks just changed the game for you.


White and brass today are taking place of every colour in the kitchen. I came up with white colour kitchen design with a brass touch to every appliance. This kitchen contains both cabinets and open shelves. The floor is also given a reddish touch with the help of floor paper and a table in between it so it can be used to take out activities and used as a dining area too.


What will be the things that might entertain you while dining with your family and friends? For that I will provide you the world class dining with the beautiful combination of colours and lighting. Today our team came up with a open area dining concept, which consist of a large white colour U-shaped shelve to take out kitchen activity and have your meal. The attached cabinet gives it a “peninsular kitchen” look which shows it modernity. The shadow lighting also gives it a amazing look which makes your kitchen look more amazing. The floor paper gives an overwhelming and astonishing look to the dining area.


Are you in love with you washroom or not? If not then I am there for your help, by building an international standard of washroom console. The combination of matte black and dark colour gives an over whelming shape to your washroom. Every appliance is given a dark colour finish whether it’s that commode, taps and hangar etc. The walls are given a matte finish to make it look astonishing. The floor is cover with white shiny tiles which looks pleasant to the eye. The ceiling is brightening the floor with led light as well as the mirror has given the background light to give luxurious look.


What is a room without some shine in that? Today I came up with a living room design with a wall covered long wardrobe. With a wooden colour floor paper a textured look is given to it and the rest of the work is done with the natural lighting through the window and the astonishing look by appliances and wooden cabinet.