Trapped in music.

You know music is the best therapy, without any medication and special treatments which will help us heal our wounds, obviously not the physical ones..! Those which kills you internally. When people fails to understand you then music becomes your vibing partner which changes the mood for quite sometime. Not just the sadistic or sentimental mood but, the joyous moments which can be expressed through music. When you feel too shy to express your emotions music can help you put it before them(helps in proposing ; ) Music taste differs from person to person, everyone have their own playlist which vibes accordingly. You cannot ask one to vibe through your sense of music…! Being it party bummer or a post breakup story…every mood can be sorted through it. Being a music lover one can have the great taste in music, but what they do is they listens to the song on loop which turns out to loose interest and catch on another song. Irrespective of language barriers the music serves need not to understand the lyrics always..sometimes the rhythm, the tuning, the instruments will take you along with them to the different fantasy world beyond the nasty reality.

Speaking about Hindi songs and English songs. According to me the emotions which are put into the song with the true feelings can be felt through hindi songs. Not just through hindi but other than hindi which is spoken in India. Hindi songs are well known to express emotion in the better way! One can feel the emotion and the expression used behind the songs. The popularity of hindi songs in foreign countries are as high as english songs have here in India. Even the English songs are dope. The craze of english songs is increasing with the matter of two subjects either to look cool or they are genuinely interested in listening. There are many songs which vibe well with our personality, and gives you wonderful and meaningful song with the beautiful tunes and sound tracks into it.

Sometimes hindi songs bring trash songs, which are disastrous..which gives utter disappointment as a music lover. Even the english songs are made that way. Both the languages has their best and worst songs. We cannot judge through the language. Sometimes you just need to take the song as it is, as the art has no meaning and is deemed to see as it is shown not always but basically.

Hindi songs are coming up with the remix versions of old songs which are being destructive. Even some songs have the worst lyrics which makes no sense at all and looks hilarious while listening. And then they are poured with hate and nasty statements everywhere over the remixes, worst lyricism, copying of english songs and their tunes here in India. Other side are english songs who didn’t plagiarize the songs, tunes or music strategies of others as far as i know. They make fresh contents. Music is scared. It does not have any colour, language, religion or physique. So enjoy the beauty of the song and try to criticise less. It takes lots of struggle…not as of Ananya pandey but some real struggle as of Sidhant chaturvedi(just a meme material..don’t get offended).

Ps:- Some of my personal favourites songs both hindi and english put up randomly.

1- Dil chahta hai

2- Humraah

3- Chale aana

4- We don’t talk anymore

5- Shape of you

6- Closer