Tourism : can this be the next big thing for India

Who doesn’t love to travel?

Every body seek to grab every single chance to wander around the world. Some love to travel to hills, while others are pleased to be at the sea side, other proportion of people want to travel to desert areas,and the remaining like to scratch out every corner of the world. An increase in the trend of more and more wanderlust among the people, is the reason for an increase in the trend of tourism industry. No matter where you want to travel, which part of the world you have to discover, just a click on the e-travel site and choose your favourite destination.

In case of the country, such as, India, which is counted as a developing one, it is a fresh opportunity to become the top countries to offer a great traveling experience to those coming to the country in order to observe its beauty. Post pandemic, will be a great opportunity for the government to promote tourism in the country and it will surely create a massive opportunity for the economy to bloom and grow positively. As many of the scholars have claimed that, India’s economy may fall to negative, but, tourism industry is an idom used to drown, that can help the country with incredible increase in the number of tourists.

About 10.89 million foreign tourists visited India in 2019. But, according to the UN World Tourism Organization, 50 million Indians will travel overseas in 2019, which is a big reason to worry regarding the tourism industry in the country. There is a huge gap between people coming and going out of the country which needs to be filled, in order to see India as a huge tourist destination.

It is one of the reasons why tourism can be next big thing for India! We have been privileged to be a part of such a beautiful country as this, where every kind of physiographic divisions could be found, be it Jammu and Kashmir, pure heaven on the earth; or the widespread desert of Rajasthan; backwaters of Kerala;beaches of Mumbai and Goa;historic sites of Central India; beauty of northeast India; and all that enormous beauty that is untouched by most of the travellers.

But, the pandemic has given a jerk to the tourism industry, which has been a great source of income to the country, due to shut down offices of travel companies, tourist destinations, along with, hotel, restaurant chains, along with the suspension of, both, national, as well as international flights, ultimately bearing the loss hit by the pandemic.

The Indian tourism industry is projected to book a revenue loss of Rs. 1.25 trillion, in calendar 2020,which means a 40% decline in revenue over calendar 2019.

But, as it has been righteously said that, the population of any country is its wealth, we as the wealth of our country must only visit the tourist attractions in our own country (post pandemic) in order to give a hike to its economy. This would complete the twin objective

  • One is, to give a boost to the economic conditions of the country.
  • Second is, it will give us a chance to explore the unseen beauty of our own country and people will not underestimate the power of the country.