Science for life

The lifestyle of the modern man is vastly different from that of the ancient man. Modern man is ensconced in the lap of luxury and comfort. Thanks to the influence of science and technology, modern man could enjoy every moment of his life. When compared to modern man, ancient man was not lucky enough. He was not accustomed to SMS, cyber cafes, fast food. Science has given every one to modern man. Blessed are the women of today because they never face any household problems today. The home appliances have alleviated the burden of modern women in their household chores. Every invention augments the power of man and the well-being of mankind. The invention of electricity has been performing wonders and a real pioneer to several inventions and discoveries. The invention of several new medicines, medical equipment, and surgical instruments have elongated the life span of people. Several diseases, which were considered as epidemics in those days, are nipped in the bud today. X-rays, LASER, ECG, EEG, and Angiogram are the real saviors of mankind. The advent of computers and the internet has brought the whole world to our drawing-room. Mobile phones and iPhones have revolutionized the art of communication. Launching rockets and the installation of satellites into the orbit have done a world of good to mankind. New and effective scientific methods are adopted in the field of agriculture also. This significant development in technology has enriched the fields like education, agriculture, defense, medicine, meteorology, space research, and so on.

At the same time, science has metamorphosed man into a machine. As a result of the influence of science, human values are gradually vanishing. For instance, people, in the thick of watching TV, forget all other things. Children are almost slaves to the computer and mobile games. Thus, their natural growth and personality development are curbed. Depending too much upon machines makes people inactive, unimaginative, and scarcely creative. Worse than all these things is the threat posed by scientific weapons. No one can forget the atomization on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No one can shrug off the Bhopal Tragedy and the Chernobyl Tragedy as a mere accident. These are the outcome of man’s exploitation of science. Though science has given everything to mankind, it is gradually depriving man of certain values like love for fellow people, diligence, awareness about the environment, and so on. If all scientists of the world take a vow to use science only for a constructive purpose if the people of the world decide not to depend too much on scientific equipment if science contributes only to the conservation of the earth, sciences really a boon to the world.