Trends in Contemporary Public Relations

Public Relations: Why It Matters - Activated Growth

Public Relations is regarded as the cornerstone for individuals, companies and start-ups to establish their credibility in the market. Public relations is rapidly changing, evolving and adapting new methods such as engaging videos, online content, bloggers outreach, influencers and many more such techniques to achieve maximum limelight. There are a few major trends that are easy to spot. These are:

  1. Big Data: New age public relations have become ever dependent on data. Audiences today are tech-savvy they are highly dependent upon technology for their day-to-day activities. Digital and social media communications have opened up a new channel through which PR firms can reach a brand’s target audience. The business is headed into a new direction where devising and executing digital and social media campaigns are imperative to create brand awareness.
  2. Influencer Outreach: The world today consists of people who are trusted and highly followed by people. Bloggers too have become extremely influential and those who are credible can be the go-to person when you need to send the word out about your company. In the past few years, influencer outreach has garnered immense limelight in the field. Targeting relevant influencers is an important segment to reach a wider audience.
  3. Importance of leadership: Earlier, the role of imparting thought leadership content was confined only for top-level executives such as the CEO, COO, and CMO, etc. Now, this trend will gradually shift to other leaders and consultants within the company who will share note-worthy and interesting insights with the public. The emphasis will be on people of lower leadership and making them essential to the company. This will help a brand target a wider, more diverse audience and share more content. Also, encouraging employees to take an active thought leadership role will aid companies to grow their own personal brand.
  4. Use of analytics: Companies in modern public relations are embracing numbers and analytics. Companies, including the tech, market themselves based on social impact, and they do their research, collect their data from both prospective and existing clients, and then put some sense in those data. Putting them into perspective in the form of website traffic, a number of leads, etc. makes sense of the drill of analytics.
  5. Customer satisfaction: The final outcome of any PR exercise has to be customer satisfaction. It is mandatory to ensure that the product or service has to be perfect. Startups looking for press coverage after developing the minimum viable product (MVP) should ensure that the core part of that MVP executes the idea and solves the problem it set out to solve first.