2020:- A tragic year.

A ‘New year’ is something which gives hope to the new things, the coming year people put in positive vibes all over. They put up with the new year resolutions and same was with this year too..some may follow, others might not!   January seemed to be pretty good at start. Atleast here in India. The nation wide festival of sankranti was celebrated beautifully, the sky was filled with colourful kites. Everyone seemed joyous and happy. Later then the hype was spreaded all over about the delhi riots over the topic CAA and NRC. People were protesting like anything in the capital city. Protest got worse and worse and no one was ready to tie up the things.

Now came the turn of February. The government of India came to know about the virus which was not crucial back then. Citizens were not aware of the situation of the outbreak of the Novel coronavirus which was originated from China-Wuhan. Indians from the foreign countries started returning back to the India. There the people were cautious about the virus but were not sure that that might turn into a horrible and deadly virus in the coming days.

In march The WHO addressed the virus as ‘pandemic’ which was soon be spreading all over the world. Wuhan recorded the highest number of cases and then Italy was suffering. Situation turned so bad that nation wide lockdown was introduced. It was the first country to introduce. Soon India was hit by this pandemic too and after a one day public curfew, we also were introduced to the nationwide lockdown. For this generation it is really tough to sit all day long at home without mingling. But people succeeded doing this. The IPL which was scheduled to take place at the end of the march was postponed. The economy reduced drastically. GDP is expected to reach 0. Unemployment is hitting hard. Only the groceries or the medication stores seemed to have hike in their profits. People spitting on doctors, on ordinary people’s to let them suffer through this virus. Those suffering through this virus has beem running from the hospital’s.

April about to start, here comes the news of delhi being hit by earthquake. Not once neither twice but 3 times delhi was hit by earthquake, along with UP. Everything has stopped until now. Sitting at home became the only choice for people.

May(month) in the process. News came of Irfan khan passed due to rare cancer, before 10-12 days his mother passes away. The next day the news came of passing of Rishi Kapoor…after the immediate days, Vizag gas leak in vishakhapatnam in the early morning was reported. On the similar day news of gas leak at paper mill industry in Raigargh, chattisgarh reported. And lastly the boiler explosion at neyveli lignite corporation thermal power station in tamil nadu showed up. Also, the train ran all over the migrants out of which 14 were dead. People were wandering about what more is left to hit to get situation worsened. But this doesn’t seemed to stop right away, The cyclone ‘amphan’ was to be hit harder near West bengal, Odisha, and Bangladesh. Massive damage was done and its yet to be recovered. Locusts attacked in various cities of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Fire broke out in various cities.

The current month June…Cases of this pandemic is rising day by day. India ranked at 5th place to have the maximum cases. After the 2 weeks of the june, News came of our beloved actor Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide out of depression, Lost another talented star. God surely has the deficiency of stars in the sky…! Later India and Nepal ran into the disputes. Amid the coronavirus pandemic people are still struggling over the land. China and India broke out having war over the borders despite of suffering through this pandemic. Now the capital city is at high alert as the terrorists broke into the cities…!!

Don’t know what more is coming our way. Live your life to the fullest even if you are at home. Don’t criticise as I only wrote bad news here because the topic I chose is only about the tragedies we are suffering through!!

Stay home stay safe…Be positive!! We are introduced to the vaccination.