‘Need To Push Agricultural Related Infrastructure In Rural Parts Of The India”

Despite of Indian backbone and huge possibilities and potential sector Agriculture treated as a sick industry in India, why this so ironic to call Sick even it involved about sixty percent of the people gives about twenty percent of the GDP still marked as a symbol of low status in India, it was eighteen hundred and fifty seven when Indian peasantry aroused against the Britishers ignited the the great revolt of independence which was supported by peasants on large scale Indian peasants gives their man money and spirit to rise against the Britishers. and this urge britishers to impose tax collection systems they invented Zamidari system Ryotwari system collected tax according to their wish and britishers broke the backbone of indian agriculture breaking peasants and putting them under harsh conditions. and up-to the 1947 Indian Agriculture was at the weakest point and Britishers policies and systems create a mindset of sickness towards agriculture. But instead of all the miserable conditions Agriculture connects man to land in rural India agriculture is treated as a tradition as a social practice and means to life. Today if we need Economy on stable basis if economy have to be strengthened that strength can be induced by agriculture. India had twelve months of the sunshine water and we are capable of growing crops full twelve months otherwise united states they can not grow crops three month in a year Several parts of Europe can not grow six months in a year. but In India we can grow crops full year and almost we can do triple the production. we need only Some good practices , monitoring and infrastructural changes.

Is Indian land capable of sustaining it ?

Indian land without any question is capable of sustaining it. it was under ‘Lal Bahadur Sastri’ tenure when India nearly had a Famine Every Indian waiting for another bag of wheat from United states and a famous headline of those times India living ship to mouth but Lal Bahadur Sastri brought up a package of Seeds and gave ten to twenty percent to farmers and India became self sufficient in Food grain production.

Hence, Indian Rural Agriculture needs Infrastructural development which can contribute to prosper Living standards and have might to increase per capita income.

Initial needs : farmers need quality seeds , procurement market of seeds good machines for seeding.

At the time of cultivation :

farmers needs proper facility of fertilizers, good pesticides, good insecticides and practices with modified machines.

Irrigation Facilities:

Irrigation is one of the important factor for growing Crops for which farmers needs good canals tube-wells electricity for deriving them or farmers can approach to solar energy used pumps etc.

Stock Facilities :

After cultivating the crops stock of the material is another challenge in front of farmers. In India in the rural parts of it Farmers does not have proper Storage Facilities. Farmers Need good Stock markets so that they can stay their stock for long time.

Transportation Facilities :

Transportation is the major problem of every rural farmer. Rural parts of the country does not have good means of connectivity Transportation is considered to be the important aspect of Buisness and good connectivity can lead Agricultural products to the new markets where farmers can available with better prices for their agricultural commodities.

Marketing Facilities:

Lack Of local ‘Mandi’ and markets farmers are unable to Sell their Agriculture Commodities on better prices. and this leads benefits to the stakeholders which make it lucrative between the farmers and retailers.

There are various ways which should be regulated for enhancing the Rural Infrastructure like GOI should increase the financial assistance to the farmers through NABAR credit facilities and various cooperatives societies and loan facilities. Contract farming should be encouraged between farmers and company. etc.

Agriculture is the basis of Livelihood, it connects people with the land and have huge potential and Power to transform Indian socio economic vision.