“Existence Of Racial Barriers Are Repugnant To Ideal Human Society”

Racism is a prejudice, discrimination or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. or racism is the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics abilities or qualities especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another. Preconceived thought about superiority or inferiority on the bases of Inheredity, biological factors like Color of the skin economic status, social status , political status etc. always gives birth to the Feeling of alienation the ‘RACISM’ we had witness a lot of practices which still are alive like racism in United states, Untouchability in india , Apartheid in Africa etc.

This inferiority towards a particular group or class on the basis of standard status biological factors etc. produce some racial barriers in the society like ‘Political Barrier’, ‘Economic Barrier’, ‘Social and Cultural Barriers’

Political Barriers:

Over the centuries in united states of America nation had struggled to abolish the most repugnant forms of exclusion and dominance, it neglected to uproot entrenched structural racism. Even after the one fifty years of slavery Blacks in United states faces discrimination in electoral process inability to participate in the fair election process and instead of fair choice to choose in the democratic process transformed into a lack of political power the power to choose the the candidate which establish the public policy priorities. Colored people or victims of Racism did not enjoy protection of equal rights their welfare and their interest. It may had happened the colored or victims of Racism had provided Constitutional morality or laws which provides access them to enjoy equal rights with dignity but on the social parameters when comes the question of social or political acceptance these laws seems to be negligible like written articles without any implementation.

Economic Barriers:

The superiority of majority groups discriminates with minority or particular class people which leads to unsymmetrical allocation of resources and access to allocation of resources used by people. Many organisations institutes does not entertain their openings and chances for all they put barriers for particular class in terms of buisness startups etc. therefore chances for Racial people are very remote which kept them away from their economic growth and lack of enhancement in their living standards.

Social and Cultural Barriers:

every country celebrates its cultural events and activities with equal and enthusiastic participation of all people irrespective of class, category, and status. But we came to encounter with some cases which shows racial people faces cultural discrimination they are prohibited to participate in convivial gatherings Seperate clubs and societies are framed and racial people faces clear discrimination in every aspect of the life and with it the most worst form of discrimination that is social discrimination, which makes them alienated from other classes they are not allowed to engage with whites even sitting with whites seems a sin. They are adopted citizens of a country as per the legality of constitutional provisions and constitutional rights but its very unfortunate they are not accepted morally and socially people have a common behaviour of disliking towards them. and this perception had penetrated so deep into the societies which seems very difficult to eradicate.

And such barriers and unacceptance sometimes leads to conflicts and violence which draw margins between people unequal access of resources and deprivation of job opportunities leads to poverty and one of the important concern it can distorted mental health because people develops inferiority complex which affects the Psychology.. Overall Racism is Very harmful and a clash factor which had drawn mankind on the margins of class and category a shame and a Stigma on The face of an Ideal Society And therefore Repugnant.


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