Natural Calamities – Uncertainty and different Possibilities.

Nature is a divine power and we humans still face challenges to fight back its cruelty and become tougher to survive during its duration and the time after it’s gone. These calamities are all natural, and these include earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, cyclones and various others which do question the survival of human and other living breeds on this planet. These have been a part of earth atmosphere and earth is confined to happening of these every year in various parts of the world. There have been times when these calamities have peaked up and had shown their devastating phase harming both men and material. We have seen earthquakes of magnitude 9.5 in early 60’s in Chile, , we have seen floods, typhoons, tsunamis and many more which have been proven to be deadliest. 

We hear about these hurricanes and cyclones or typhoons each meaning the same. These differ in their names on the basis of their presence, like we often name tropical storms of high speed as hurricanes in the North Atlantic Ocean, while similar strong winds are named as cyclones in South pacific and Indian oceans. These are usually storms which are rotating at high speeds. We know that pressure is low near these tropical areas because the air is warm . These form when the warm and moist air over the ocean rises  this attracts the nearby colder air to accumulate nearby by forming the swirls of air. The moist air continues to rise and thus cools, forming clouds. These clouds usually continue to swirl and thus go on expanding. These hurricanes can be really strong and effective and thus cause a lot of destruction to the area which is hit with it. 

So we do acknowledge how these hurricanes can be really harmful for us and thus cause a lot of destruction but “What if 2 or more hurricanes coming from distant areas collide, what would be the result and how would it affect the humans”. This Phenomenon of two hurricanes coming close don’t happen often but scientists believe that it do happen. But The Fact to concentrate is that scientists also believe that these could become a common calamity as the temperature of earth’s rising, it would really be a bad experience if one came across such scenario of two hurricanes colliding. So it’s believed that if the two hurricanes are of equal size and strength, they would orbit around a common centre. This could result in sending or pushing them back in different directions or maybe it could end this due to collision. But if one is bigger in size or strength, then the smaller one would get absorbed in the  bigger one, which can increase the power and strength and life span of the hurricane. This could really impact humanity by it’s destruction. 

“Climatologists  believe that in future times these could become common and the speed of these winds could increase significantly since the earth temperature is rising. These would lead to rise of more storms in the tropical areas. We believe that it’s all natural and humans can’t do anything about these. But since we understand the importance of “Global Warming” and “Climate Change”, which is affecting earth’s temperature to rise. We could strongly work on our carbon emissions and factors leading to these phenomena. We can shift to a better source and mode of technology and infrastructure which would not only help us fight with increasing global warming but also protect us during occurrence of these natural calamities. We humans do have a bigger part in these natural calamities which we hide to blame and thus question our nature everytime”.