Importance of sports and games

Apart from studies, sports, and games play a pivotal role in developing the personality of the student. Sports and games bring up children with the confidence to take on the challenges in his competitive world. Sports and games build-up a good physique and a healthy mind. It transforms a blockhead into a blazing star. Sports and games are offered to the students at the primary level itself. These children take part in sports and games every evening. By playing throughout the evening, children receive an abundant amount of vitamin D from the sunlight. Thus they are protected from dangerous bone disease, Rickets. Sports like a running race, long jump, high jump, triple jump, pole vault, shot put, javelin throw, hurdles, relay race, etc…games like kabbadi, Kho-Kho, volleyball, football, basketball, shuttlecock, cricket, etc.provide the students with entertainment as well as the exercise. Indoor games like chess and carrot and several asanas and mass drills also form the part of the curriculum.

Sports and games are meant to develop the togetherness and understanding among the sportspersons. As a matter of fact, the Olympics games we’re established as a mechanism of bringing several countries together under the roof of sports. Even between India and Pakistan, cricket is considered as a unifying factor as it contributes to a peaceful atmosphere between these two rival nations. The term “sportsman spirit” refers to the level-headedness of treating triumph and defeat equally. Instances like athletes involving in dope candles, the win at any cost attitude, and sliding the opponent players lead to the waning of sportsman spirit. The essence of sports and games is to nurture certain noble qualities that will help us to overcome culture, political, social, and racial obstacles. Thus sports and games play an important role in moulding the true citizens of the country.

“The important thing in sports is not winning but fighting well” – Pierre