Stop Finding Your Happiness IN People!


Don’t you remember those terrible days when you walked off sad empty sometimes due to other’s fault and sometimes due to your fault. If you have forgotten then it is sad on your part. Remember those betrayals, lies, manipulation and cheating you once suffered. How many times you were used and dumped. I think still you have not taken a lesson. You are still wandering around those selfish people your so called friends and lovers who left you when you badly needed them. Do you still can’t see that they don’t care about you. It is you only you who is expecting love and care from them. So stop now thinking about these selfish people. You were not sent on this planet to just love people either as a lover or as a friend. You have your own life and there has to be a bigger purpose in your life. That purpose was always their in your life but it was hidden in any corner behind your stupid emotional foolish feelings that you always had for people who always cheated you. You definitely knew what you wanted but you always allowed distraction to find you. Shit happens. Yes, it happens with you, with me and everyone else. But you can’t let your whole life become a shit. So wake up!

Stop finding your happiness in other people. For being truly happy you neither need other people nor materialistic things. Your true happiness is inside you only in your dreams and goals. I want you to be selfish now. Yes you heard it right selfish for your own growth and development. Enough of this melodrama crying and waiting for them. And enough of this always favoring other people. You are not only meant to be nice with others. Learn to say no, blunt no. Others need to realise your importance too. They have wasted your precious years by consuming all your love, support and care and these monsters left you when they were full and no more needed you in their life. So it’s time to stay away from every person who isn’t adding a value to your life.

I know I have talked so much about your pain and sufferings but have you changed yourself? If not then please change. Listen your inner voice. Noone matters litteraly noone matters. What matters is you, your inner peace, mental health, success and your happiness. For that you have to change. Please for your own sake change. Let people around you think whatever they want to. They don’t matter. They will leave you one day. But what will not leave is your family and your goals. That is enough for you. Don’t bring in distraction. Focus on your life and your dreams. You are not meant for these small things. You have to achieve something big. Today is not yours but tomorrow definitely future will be yours. So start working on your goals. One day you will definitely achieve a lot of success. That day everyone will be around you. Your all pain and sufferings will vanish and your life will be filled with happiness. Till then don’t tolerate bullshit . Don’t allow blood suckers enter your life. Don’t date snakes. To hell with these people. You have to think only about your life, your own happiness and success because it’s your life. Noone has the power to change your life only you can change . Think about it! That’s it for today!