India-China Conflicts and The World

In the recent skirmish on the China-India border, both sides have suffered heavy losses. It has confirmed from the official statement from India that 20 soldiers have martyred and no official data has come from China yet Editor-in-chief of the Chinese government’s news magazine Global Times believes that the Chinese military also suffered casualties. It has been the old attitude of China that whenever there is more loss on its side, it does not share the correct information. We had seen this attitude in the case of Corona also. Although China tries to hide the exact and actual data, somehow it comes out from somewhere.

This incident of the violent skirmish between India and China is extraordinary because such an accident has occurred on the Chinese border the first time after 45 years. Colonel Santosh Babu, who martyred, was leading the Indian contingent during this astonishing incident. According to military sources, this violent skirmish in the Galvan valley started on Monday night due to the changing attitude of Chinese soldiers. The Chinese troops intended to capture L.A.C. through the Galvan valley. But Indian soldiers thwarted the Chinese plan.

The way China has done stabbing behind the back, it proves that China is the most dangerous and vicious enemy for India. All these activities proved that trusting China even more than a century can prove to be the biggest threat for India. In the coming times, there will be unexpected changes in the relationship between India and China. But one thing is clear that a dispute arises on three different boundaries simultaneously, it is a sign of spacious threat. Relations with Pakistan and China are always intense. But Nepal is a neighbouring country whose relationship was not disturbed till date, but by presenting a new map and passed an amendment in the lower house of their Parliament and claiming a small part of India near to the area of Kalapani is the part of Nepal. It is an unfortunate situation for us. Experts of international relations believe that all these concern are interlinked. Chinese Diplomacy transforms from peace to aggression. Their diplomatic policy has changed. If we compare China of the 21st century to the China of the 20th century, we will find an enormous gap between the low profile china diplomacy and leadership china diplomacy. They want all control over the world. China is trying to compete with the United States of America. But the Chinese do not know that they are not like USSR. They could not take the place of the United States of America.

China is a country whose reality was known to the whole world that they do anything to increase its dominance and borders. The way China told the world about the Corona Virus was too late. They hide ambiguous numbers of infected and dead people, revised several bills against it to suppress the violence in Hong Kong and increasing military activities in the South China Sea proves how China is creating an atmosphere of unrest around itself.