Slow Death Of Tourism

Tourism is dead! Dead for the next two years atleast. It’s going to stay dead for years to come unless a vaccine or a treatment springs out of somewhere. With Covid-19 raging with its full might, people are choosing to stay cooped up within the safety of their own homes instead of venturing out and risking their safety. Although the economy is slowly opening up, no one wants to risk falling sick in an unknown place with a deadly virus preying on them.

The exotic fruits, smell and visual splendour will cease to attract when a person’s well being is at stake! Small tours and travel businesses are closing down while the big companies are left groping for the scarce tourists to garner. The monuments, the different wonders of the world will lie bare with very few to gasp at their magnificence. The exotic cuisines will be left undiscovered by many while the world grapples to survive.

The Indian government and governments around the world promote travel and tourism as it helps the economy a lot. Japan recently in a bid to attract tourism has offered treatment for coronavirus for free if someone happens to contract the virus in the country. The economy is reeling under the impact of the virus and no one knows how long the pandemic will last and with some predicting that the virus isn’t going away anytime soon and the fact that we would all have to live with it is scary.

Vloggers are taking the place of actual tourists, providing beautiful and virtual tours of different places through videos. Popular vloggers like Volpe, Best Ever Food Review Show, Karl Rock etc have gaining followers for the same reason even before the pandemic. The virtual tours through the videos are captivating and addictive, providing an alternative to actual tourism through videos. Virtual tourism is economical and allows you to see the globe from the comfort of your homes.

Though Virtual tourism is growing at a rapid pace, it can never replace actual tourism wherein one gets to bask in the new smells, enjoy visually and savour new foods. The added excitement that comes with going to a foreign place without knowing what to expect can never be replaced virtually or otherwise. One can avail and purchase goods indigenous to a particular place or country. So many industries will suffer from the paucity of tourism to greet them.

With many places already strapped of tourism due to reasons like pollution and crime rate, Covid-19 has been like a final nail in the coffin for many places.  People will not travel or barely travel anywhere unless compelled to do so. Many are doing so for business purposes and for official work but apart from that people are staying away from booking the flight tickets to different places. No one knows what the future holds and for the time being people are taking virtual tours through the vloggers around the globe to enjoy the visual splendour of places that our planet has to offer.


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