Medical Breakthrough: Can it save life of a Corona-virus patient?

There was a time when everything was going well. Suddenly a pandemic arises all of a sudden. However, the reason for the origin is not apparent yet, and several kinds of research are going on to prepare vaccines to save the lives of people who want to live peacefully. This virus attacks the respiratory system weakening it day by day. However, some may not know, it is treated by keeping the person under 14 days observatory and building up the immune system stronger. But this isn’t an effective solution to cure the problem. It may return or may contaminate others unwittingly. Some people even don’t know if they have it after through an unknown contact with an infected person, this case is asymptomatic, and it can be very harmful.

A woman with mask
Face masks are prevalent these days, and it is a must to wear to protect yourself.

All institutions, offices, public places were closed, people protested, some even panicked, instead of death due to this virus, it can be worse when someone passes away being tensed about it and being in depression. Positive things are happening around the globe like you may have heard about like blood plasma transfusion, hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir in the news. These were some of the methods or medicines that tried to cure the patients and treat them effectively. Now new research says that dexamethasone can be the life-saving drug, being one of the costs capable, was tested in England by giving them 28 days reducing the death rate up to 35 percent, and 20 percent for people requiring oxygen while difficulty in breathing.

A lab.
A laboratory is in search of new medicine.

Dexamethasone is giving as a steroid to reduce inflammation due to several reasons like allergies, asthma, etc. But WHO strictly advises not to use steroids to treat patients while they’re ill as it can slow the time until the virus clears up. Now they’re almost 100 thousand cases reported every day over the past two weeks across the globe. The researches claimed that it could prevent one death among every eight patients if they’re on a ventilator. This finding got observed by a study leader named Peter Horby at the University of Oxford. The earlier attempts like the HIV combo drug lopinavir-ritonavir were commonly given antibiotics for a viral cold, cough: azithromycin was a part of the study. Also, the anti-inflammatory drug tocilizumab were all tested as a cure to treat the patients as a part of the research for more than 11 thousand patients in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

A woman with hope.
A lady is looking out with hope for the situations to come in control.

People should strictly follow as there is no proper cure for the problem. The lockdown is for everyone’s betterment. If you have any symptoms like cold, cough for an extended period, frequent occurring fever, difficulty in breathing, one must quickly approach a doctor. The health conditions of a hospital are worsening day by day. The patients are increasing, but the resources are restricted. There is no proper funding for these problems; people don’t cooperate in this period and become a potential risk for others. They’re cases where the hospital authorities, nurses, attendants, and doctors get attacked; they’re saving your lives, researchers are working day and night to help to restore humanity. The business sector is in the state of falling and collapsing. We need to follow guidelines made, or else it will be challenging to control the problem.