Is Covid-19 really dangerous?

The Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19, has emerged in the year 2019 has become one of the hazardous diseases of the 21st century took away people’s breath and peace and became a pandemic causing whole of the world to stop at once. At the same time it forced people into struggling for their survival;some have to have there in hospitals all the time, others are chained into their own houses, while others are going here and there in search of a better place where they could assure safety for themselves. A lot of lives have been destroyed, people lost their loved ones, some are striving to assure everyone’s wellness. But one question arises in every individual’s mind is How dangerous is this Novel Coronavirus is?

Viruses before Covid-19

  • Plague-

Also known as black death, plague is a rare but serious infection transmitted by fleas. It has been responsible for widespread pandemics throughout the history, causing over 50 million deaths in Europe during the fourteenth century. But today can be easily treated with antibiotics.

  • Spanish flu-

One of the deadliest in the world history, Spanish flu infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide – about one-third of the planet’s population – and slaughtered an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims in 1918 and lasted till 1921, which is certainly a long time until any antibiotic was developed. It was just a strain of influenza that caused the pandemic during that time, but certainty the scientists and world doctors found out the best treatments.

  • SARS-

Though, today SARS (serve acute respiratory syndrome) has become one of the rarest diseases, it appeared in 2002 and spread worldwide in a few months. It is also a disease that spread from human-to-human, but it was in control after 2004.

  • Ebola virus-

Again one of the hazardous diseases that appeared in the year 1976 in 2 simultaneous outbreaks. The years 2014-16 saw the largest Ebola outbreak in West Africa since the virus was first discovered in 1976. It is thought that fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family are natural Ebola virus hosts, and it’s vaccine was out in 2015 after so many years of the outbreak, but surely it also got treated like other viruses and diseases.

Though the viruses mentioned above were all very perilous and people were killed in large numbers, but finally their cure was found out and people came victoriously out of them.

How dangerous is Covid-19?

The epicenter of the virus, Wuhan, first experienced the outbreak in August 2019 and slowly spread throughout the world in the year 2020. Today world’s most powerful countries such as USA, Brazil, Russia, India and UK have not been untouched from the effect of this monstrous virus. But, is the spread of this virus is never ending? Though the scientists all over the world are giving their hearts and souls but people are just freaking out about it so much that it has become a spurious news for all of the human race.

Since, the medical agencies claims that it is less transmissionable if one takes the proper preventive measures, such as wearing masks, using hand sanitizers frequently, avoiding human contact as much as possible and many more. Therefore, one cannot claim that it is inevitable and will curb all of the ephemerality and will surely come to an end some day. It is not likely that it is the only disease that have caused the slaughter of millions of people, then, why are we getting so distressed about it’s occurrence?

Although it is very dangerous and highly infectious, but at the same time we have provided with the preventive measures that can help us out keeping our infection risk low.

Where are we lagging behind?

Although we all are going through this fatal pandemic which will take a long time to be cured and one of the most critical part is we do not have the vaccine yet. Also, the world in which we are living today is kind of ruthless where everyone has to reach the utmost heights and that is why they can’t wait, but strife to work more and more.

But, then, do we only have to repent upon it or just get ourselves stressed out of it? No, the answer is clearly, a No. How long we will just sit back in our houses and wait for the virus to end? It is only our will power that will help end the fear and freight of the virus and we will definitely be able to get the best way out to dive out of the fear of the virus. Back in the 90s also, the vaccine didn’t came out immediately, but people learned the way to tackle with the world crisis. It is also the high time to let go our fears and make a bold move to make ourselves prepare for every pandemic and crisis to come up.