Law enforcement

Country development is also based on the self-mastery of the people in the country. To create a restraint among the people, the laws and orders are used as a tool. Law and Ordes rise the self-control and also create accountability among the people. The rating of administration of the country is based on the discipline of the people.

Laws are considered as one of the pillars of the country. The law led us in the right way. It defends us from evil and also encourages people to do the right thing. Laws are act as guidelines for the people. It protects people from violent, cheating, and evil actions. The law would give justice for the needed people and also gave a considerable punishment or penalty to the evil-doing people. It would control and regulate the people by specially appointed people like police. As a citizen of the country, we must follow the law and orders of the country.

Some of the common Acts like Rights to educate are the best acts that make everyone literate. From this Act, education became common to all. Many countries like India gives a free education by this Act. We can conclude that the laws were for the welfare of the people. Laws do not only act as a guideline for us and also helps to stand against evil.