Enriching Relevant Vocabulary in Business English through Magazines


M.Phil Scholar, Research Department of English

The American College,Madurai


In the modern scenario, communication determines the success or growth of the business. Different terms and words are used in Business English. The people who are in business field must have relevant vocabulary to make an effective communication. Business magazines serves as a medium to learn vocabulary related to business. There are magazines like the business world and the economist which are exclusively for the business people. Entrepreneurs can gather knowledge of vocabulary by reading business contents and share market statistics in magazines. This paper throws light on enhancing vocabulary with the help of business magazines.

Background of the Study

Communication determines the success or the growth of the business.  Different types of words are used in business English.  The people in business field must have effective communication.  Magazines serves as a medium to learn vocabulary related to business.  There are some magazines like business world, economic times which are exclusively for business purpose.  Words in a sentence constitute its vocabulary.  Students can enrich their vocabulary through reading, listening, speaking and writing.  Vocabulary enrichment is very much needed in business environment.  Both producer and consumer need vocabulary to develop their business. Without communication business deal can end up in failure.  Students must have good vocabulary to have bright future in business field. Magazines play a major role in business field. Magazines are very much useful for students to enrich their vocabulary in business English. Students are encouraged to read magazines for developing their vocabulary.  Reading is must to students for enriching relevant vocabulary in business English.  Students can improve their vocabulary in business English by reading magazines which are also useful for them to improve their knowledge and ability.  In future, if students have business contract with foreigners, there is a necessity for them to have good communication with god vocabulary and that can also paves way for the success of their business.  Students can read business related article in magazines to improve their vocabulary.

Objective of the study

            The main objective of the study is to enrich vocabulary of MBA students in business English through magazines


The following are the hypotheses of the study

  1. Magazines help MBA students to have effective communication
  2. Students can enrich their vocabulary by reading
  3. Business related article helps the students to move forward in their business
  4. Magazines promote business English

Review of Literature

            Without vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed (Wilkins).  Words one like bottles and contain ideas just as bottles contain medicines (H. Dipple).  Passive vocabulary is the new method based on the principle of recognition or receptive vocabulary (Dr. West).  Reading makes a full man (Bacon).  Modern English usage and a god dictionary of synonyms which analyses the differences, should prove of great assistance (Mr. Fowler).

Research questions

  1. What is mean by the term vocabulary?
  2. Why do students should enrich vocabulary in business English?
  3. How do magazines play a major role?
  4. How can MBA students develop their vocabulary skills?
  5. Do magazines really help the students?
  6. What is the creative method that teacher can explore to teach business vocabulary?


            Vocabulary is a fundamental tool for communication and acquiring knowledge. Acquiring an extensive vocabulary is one of the largest challenges in learning a second language. There are different types of vocabulary like active, passive, good vocabulary etc.  Without vocabulary nothing is possible.  Communication is very much needed for a successful business growth.  Vocabulary grows throughout our life.  Students expand their vocabularies by playing word games, print media help in enriching relevant vocabulary in business English e.g. magazines.  Students should enrich vocabulary in business English.  Without vocabulary there is no possibility for foreign trade.   Agreement between Indians and foreigners cannot be made. Communication is must for the growth of English.  A student can also be judged by others based on his/her vocabulary.

As per my study, MBA students have done many case study regarding business.  Many students are not aware of business magazines.  Students must enrich their vocabulary reading magazines like business world, the economist etc.  Vocabulary can be enriched by students in many ways like listening to news, reading newspapers, listening to some speech, etc but magazine also paves way for their vocabulary enrichment.  Learning vocabulary is the first step for trading in foreign companies.

The acquisition of new vocabulary is an ongoing process.  Learning new words in day to life encourages the students and increase their knowledge and ability.  Magazines and that too Business magazines play a vital role in enriching students’ vocabulary.  A student must have serious knowledge towards business.  BUSINESS INDIA is a magazine which is famous in our state.  It leads not only with business news but also deals with games, movies special, sports; cooking etc.   Nowadays students are much interested in sports and politics.  Magazines have separate allocation for Sports.

 I made a small study with an MBA student.  She says that she was very much interested in sports and she reads only sports news first both in magazine and newspaper.  Also she said that she came across many new vocabularies regarding business and she got interested in that. Students are encouraged though business magazines.  They can easily enrich their vocabulary in business and also they enrich their knowledge.  In the magazine called THE ECONOMIST is also the best business magazine which also deals with several issues with new varieties. Magazines make the students to develop their vocabulary skills.  Students can easily enrich relevant vocabulary by reading not only business articles but also other related news which includes several new vocabularies.

An MBA student will be useful if they read their related article in the magazine.  The same person as said before, she said that she got much addicted to the magazine because when she read the magazine she came across the article related to their MBA program.  She said that the article was very much useful to her.   From that article, she came across many vocabularies relate to business.  By reading magazines, by learning new vocabularies, students’ vocabulary can be enriched and they will be ready for the business scenario.  Magazines help the students to develop their communicative skill and also enhance their vocabulary skill.

            Teachers can use some creative method to teach business vocabulary.  Students can learn vocabularies in an interesting way.  The teacher can make the students to form a group.  5students carries a group. Several tasks can be given to students in a group.  An article can be given to a group and so five articles can be given to five groups and teacher can ask the students to read and to find new vocabularies which they don’t even come across before.  Students will be encouraged by the teachers by doing this way.   A case study can also be given to the students to each group.  By doing this students can be able to think of the idea and if they find new vocabulary they tend to think and refer dictionary and so they can improve their knowledge and thinking ability.

            Teachers can make the students by making them to engage in group activities. Each student can involve individually in a group activity.  They can easily think of new words and shows their individuality in their own way.  Teachers can also make their students to show their ability and knowledge.  Teacher can also encourage the students by have some group games and also they can give some compliments to the students and so the students can feel free and learn new vocabularies.  Teachers can make the students to communicate effectively by teaching them relevant vocabulary in business English.


In the present scenario, Vocabulary plays a major role in business world.  Student who wants to become a good Entrepreneur must have good vocabulary skills so that students can make them ready for global business scenario and they can get success in their business field. Magazines can be much useful for enriching vocabulary n business English.


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