Aggression and Women: Shodh, A Story of Woman’s Retaliation by Taslima Nasrin

Rakhi Bhatia

(Deptt. of English, IFTM University Moradabad, U.P. India)

Abstract :

Violence is a prominent issue in today’s world as the world has seen two world wars and numerous civil wars in one or the other country which become a reason of devastation all over the world. The theme which resolves the mind of the winter in the novel Shodh is gender bias which eventually results in revenge. Being herself a victim of the patriarchal structures Taslima Nasrin has seen things very closely that how women are given the role of subordinate where they cannot, in any way assert their right to freedom, right to equality. The most controversial novelist. Taslima Nasrin shodh clearly reveles that she believes in the theory of “art for life sake”. Not art for art’s sake. She writes with a purpose and gender this purpose is to oppose and fight against injustice, oppression and gender bias. An attempt has been made in the paper to analyze different dimensions of violence and their impact on the female protagonist Jhumur who eventually takes a stand for establishing her own identity in the patriarchal set up.


Keywords: Transfiguration, Oppressed, Violence, Maltreatment.


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