Effect of NPK Fertilizer and Integration on Growth and Yield of Maize

Bello WB, Adejuyigbe CO, Adbisi AA

Correspondence Email: akinangy@yahoo.com


            The study examined the economic analysis of plantain based production system in Oyo State, Nigeria. A multistage random sampling technique was adopted in the selection of Eighty three farmers from the chosen local governments. Well structured questionnaire was used to elicit information on socio-economic characteristics and other relevant variables. The study data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, budgetary and stochastic frontier production function. The result showed that 84.34% of plantain farmers in the study area are male and 84.34 of them were married. Plantain was predominantly grown as sole crop by 54.22% while 45.78% of farmers engaged in intercropping. Budgetary analysis revealed that plantain intercropping with yam had higher gross margin (N528,400/ha) than sole plantain (N449,940/ha). Yield level was positive and significantly influenced by labour input. The level of education was significant and found to contribute positively to technical efficiency while farming experience was found to reduce technical efficiency. Inadequate credit (96.39), Pest and disease (65.06%), labour shortage (60.24%), inadequate fertilizer (57.83) and sucker procurement (54.21%), were the prominent constraints to plantain production in the study area.

Keyword: Plantain based farm, budgetary analysis, stochastic production function.

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