Amendment in the Highway Safety and Allied Civil Laws in India

There is a serious drawback in our legal system which hinders the initiatives of the Good Samaritans during any mishaps.  Have you ever thought why few people come forward to help an injured man on the road? You might have seen a crowd surrounding such affected people but none really helping him in reaching to the hospital and other care units. And do you know why this happens? You might think that people are becoming more unsocial and there is decrease in humane volunteerism in human. But this is a part of the truth and probably not the real reason and then what is the real reason? You must be curious to know it.

Let me give you a brief of the present legal provisions that has created such a bad taste in usually good Indian citizens. The act says that a man helping an injured person will become the first evidence of the incidence. And the police man will make you do this through various means. They will make you witness without your consent and will ask you to come to police station when called to do so.

Do you think this is a fair practice of law? A man meets an accident and it is not necessary that the man who comes forward for helping is a witness to the incidence. He might be a busy person who would not like to come to police station for giving his statement.

I have seen many good Samaritans getting harassed due to the age old laws governing highway accidents. This has created a fear that you will get into trouble if you help a man who met an accident. This is not what is portrayed in movies and serials. It is a fact which gets captured by the imaginations of directors in movies.

There is a need for making modification in the laws governing highway accidents so that people come forward to help the needy person without fearing the laws of the land. The good Samaritans should be made free to choose whether he like to be a witness or not. It should not be binding on him to come to police station for giving statement. Policemen indulging in such practices of harassing the good Samaritans should be treated as culprit.

Jai Hind…!


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