Passion and Profession

    • When a man tried to give a 25 paisa coin to a beggar
      The beggar refused to accept and said further
      O sir, my mother and father
      There is price hike everywhere
      We accept one rupee coin or more
      The man said louder
      I can’t give you more
      The beggar said being impatient
      Why are you standing? 
      And not understanding
      Come and beg with me
      I will pay you 50 paisa per client
      Begging is immoral an illegal
      The man tried to give counsel
      The beggar replied with caution
      Begging is my passion
      Now it has become my profession
      Thinking to expand my business
      Cover more areas and make it larger
      He uttered an offer
      You join me, my brother
      I will make you my branch manager
      Of the new venture
      The talk stops
      Prevails a silence
      He thought better to leave
      Without letting anyone notice
      Reality is far from our perception
      Stop giving alms
      Make a difference
      Help if you can
      Don’t promote beggary
      In the name of charity
      This is the reality

      {This was written after overhearing the conversation of the beggars and subsequent news of beggary as profession promoted by some gangs in Cities. Also a small documentary on Delhi Durdarshan channel showed how some greedy persons in beggary mutilated the limbs of small child to make them beggar. Since then I have not given any alms to any beggar.}
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