Teachers are Teacher…

  • One day I was sitting sad
    I was feeling bad
    Or you may say depressed
    The problem I was in
    I told to none
    Neither I expressed
    Then came my dad
    To me he asked
    How are you son? 
    Why are you silent
    Won’t you talk to dad
    He came near
    I couldn’t control tears
    A few drops trickled
    On my cheeks
    He wiped it and told
    Don’t take anything to heart
    You didn’t complete your home-works
    Assignments and you got scolded
    Teachers are teachers
    They are not your enemy
    They are good among many
    They want you to be a good child
    They handle every students with due care
    Sometimes with praise 
    Sometimes with chide
    With love to mould you
    To cultivate good habits
    To discourage bad habits 
    Shashikant Nishant Sharma

    With Regards
    SureShot POST
    New Delhi, India

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