Judge of Justice (Why is this Poverty?

  • With all my wisdom
    The poor bow his head
    Even in your kingdom
    I do acknowledge
    Before cruel hand of strength
    There is no regards for knowledge
    Many a time
    I have seen
    The poor being disregarded
    And badly humiliated
    Is this the justice awarded? 
    You the judge of justice
    They have nothing
    Only grief as wealth
    Tears roll down their cheeks
    They sleep hungry for weeks
    O judge of justice
    Why is this injustice
    What was poor’s foul
    Of the tactless soul
    Why you sent them to world
    Full of men cruel and bold
    Where without strength
    Poor have to mew
    You showered wealth
    In the houses of few
    By your great grace
    Many are enjoying health
    It’s your presence
    That flower give fragrance
    Then why you deprived them
    Of good health and ample wealth
    Why embittered their life
    Shrouded their soul with grief
    O judge of justice
    Why you did injustice

    Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘साहिल’
    =====©SNS==28 June 2003

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