Teacher’s Day: 5th September

I love my teacher
He is loving like father
And caring like mother
He try to reveal in us the best
Of our qualities
Make us face world’s realities
He is greater than the greatest
Man in the world
He can turn base metal
Into silver and gold
He is next to God
God is Creator
He is Moulder
God created clay
Teachers moulded it into idol
Beautiful with many diverse qualities
God gave life, you say
Then it is teacher
Who put a soul
In this living body
Believe it everybody
He is teacher
Who instills in us moral
Good manners and character
In us, to conquer future
He prepared us with feature
Needed for good living
Living for others
Living like brothers 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

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