First Experience of Love

Sun is shining
In sun, everything is burning
Uncomfortable we are feeling
Cold drinks are no more chilling
But suddenly
We saw the miracle heavenly
Sky got overcast with cloud
Wind’s whispering turned aloud
And in the sky
Leaves began to fly
To enjoy the weather
To feel far better
We stepped out of room
Went on the roof
The fresh air refreshed the mood
In this transition phase
Of our age
From loving childhood
To enjoyable adulthood
Heart turns poetic
And mood romantic
Not very far
But few meters away
In the month of May
Not in the night
In the heavenly flight
But in the afternoon
I saw my moon
She is fair cute girl
With eyes and face lit with smile
Precious like pearl
I saw her in style
This is the first time
That I can remember
A girl so cute and nice
Trying to entice
Me, a boy so shy
Who seeing a girl
Began to curl
And hurriedly fly
Away from her sight
Thinking it right
But today
I dared to stay
Not only I stayed
But also I looked
Eye to eye
And talked through heart
She has so nice face
And enchanting smile
I got lost for a while
She was well figured
And nicely structured
What to say of her eyes!
Oh no! she went away
Waving hand in style
Bidding good bye! 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

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