Time Spent is Real Treasure

  • I love a girl
    She is just like pearl
    With hair silky and curl
    She is my classmate
    For her I am desperate
    She is my heart
    She is never late
    She never misses the date
    On time she does meet
    We have hearty talk
    And we enjoy the evening walk
    Along the beach
    Waddling on the ocean water
    Playing with ocean currents
    Singing with the tune of dancing currents
    Diving in the ocean of love
    The moments are cherishable
    Collecting pebble
    On the shore
    And throwing in the ocean
    Every little act gives pleasure
    The time spent is a real treasure 
    Shashikant Nishant Sharma

    With Regards

    SureShot POST
    New Delhi, India