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Sweet School

In our sweet schools
We turn intelligent from fools
The second form of God is Teacher
He is equal to father and mother
We turn happy from gloom
It is school where kids bloom
And spread the fragrance
Of love and knowledge
Cutting across all ages
In school we learn and play
We hear what our teachers say
We are merry and gay
With our friends
There is fun and fun
Without any end
Awake, stand and run
To reach the school
Where environment is cool
Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘Sahil’

Defining Love

Love is a flower
Smiling for ever
It blossoms in among thorns
It is brittle like popcorns
And stronger than stone
Love is love
It is unfathomable ocean
Insurmountable Mountain
It is noblest of noble passion
If life is a mission
Then love is its destination
It is a fact not exaltation
Don’t believe me, just feel it
Close your eyes and feel it
Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘Sahil’

My Wall Clock

Love, love and Love
You are my love
I love your eyes
They are oceans of love
I love your smile
They are symbol of love
I love your cheeks
They are the fruit of love
I love your figure
The valley of love
I love your silky hairs
They are the chains of love
I love you
As you are an idol of love
Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘Sahil’ 

Expression of Love

I want to express
Express my love
The deep love
That I feel for you
To do this
I plucked a red rose
I want to offer you
But I fear
Really my dear
Fear not that you’ll reject
But I fear
Someone may trample
Crash under foot
The beautiful tender flower
The innocent red rose
Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘Sahil’

Be Dynamic to Achieve Goal

Be dynamic
Don’t get panic
Learn the lesson
Be dynamic
And adopt what I mention
Be farsighted
Speak aloud
Be always alert
Laugh from the core of your heart
This is an art
Learn it
If you want name and fame
Call a man by his name
Be friendly
Praise liberally
Have best of ideas
Read face with eyes
Be humane
Have patience
Do selfless service
It will make you great
Believe me
I can see
You are fortunate
If you adopt
And put them in action
Believe me
You can achieve your ambition
Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘Sahil’

Personality Improvement

Try following thing

Expanding the understanding
Tackle troubles tactfully
Have aim and object
Interest in our subject
Know good language
Strive for knowledge
Be sublime
Be straight like pine
Don’t wait for luck
Run and jump to reach rank
Think and think
That you are perfect
Without any defect
Don’t sit and wait
Stand and start
To reach your target
And be fortunate
Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘Sahil’

Thesis thesis and thesis

Thesis thesis and thesis
Thinking about it
Whole day and night
Do that do this
The guide keeps on saying
Change the sheet
Tomorrow you meet
You need to improve a lot
A lot to do and what not
Thinking about the topic
Some get excited and some panic
The whole 
A month gone
And nothing done
I do know this
Thesis, thesis and thesis
The drama started
A few months ago
Remember remember 
In the month of december
We were asked to submit
Three topics of our choice
The vacation started
A time to rejoice
Two weeks’ time gone 
And nothing done
Came the January
We were in hurry
Searching library
Reading books
Searching net
In night so late
To find something
That interest most
Got nothing but lost
In the maze of thought
What the hell 
This semester brought
In few days 
Penned something
So abstract and haze
Three topics of our choice
Listening to inner voice
Explored the interest
And topics matching best
On one sanitation 
Another on participation
And the third one
Delhi’s green belt
The search came to a halt
On few discussions
With faculty and friend
Started elaborations
On select topics
And finally dilemma came to an end
Got selected the topic 
That came to mind second
The faculty do your best 
And leave the rest
Time was for fun and frolic
Another week gone
And nothing much done
Next review came and gone
Discussing with guide and freind
Improved and improved
The layout and presentation
The data interpretation
Doing analysis
And testing hypothesis
Giving proposal at our disposal
Gone is the so colossal
Can’t remember 
How the semester came to an end
And now all happy friend
Time to rejoice and merry making
Time ahead is just rocking

{Written in the month of April,2012 during the ending of last semester in which students have to complete a thesis on a topic on his/her choice at School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi} 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

The Mirror- True Reflection

Mirror, mirror, mirror
You are a source of horror
Reminder of the hour
You reflect what falls on you
Without any resent
Or seeking consent 
You give response pure and true
You keep nothing back
Like a wise prophet
You remind us to be happy
Cheerful and content
The world is like you
It gives back what it receives
Amazing how it conceives
Learn from you
How to view 
Without any prejudice
Virtue or vice
You taught world
Young and old
How to react
Act on some act

{Written during the Educational Site visit Trip to Kullu-Manali in September,2011} 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma