Online Learning Resources in pandemic| Education and Training

Online learning resources are gaining more attention and importance every turning day, and this is major because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are still struggling to find the most helpful plus reliable resources for online learning, education, and training, read this post.

In this post, we will tell you about the best digital resources that can help both teachers and students fill the void created because of the lockdown situation. Infoengine  is an online portal for science education. 

There are hundreds of tools and applications that can contribute to online learning, but we cannot discuss them in one post; this is why we have only listed the top-rated and helpful options for everyone.

Best Online Learning Resources for virtual education!

In this section, we have gathered the top learning resources:

1.    3P learning

This is a learning tool that can help students polish their mathematics and literacy. If you find mathematics and literature boring, just like every other student, you have to make sure to try this tool. You are going to enjoy the creative and interesting lessons of this tool cum app.

2.    Bloomz

This is another online tool that can help teachers a lot in this online learning system. This tool is specifically designed for teachers who want to efficiently communicate with parents and their students from a single platform. This app cum tool is very easy to use, and even a fresh user can learn how to utilize it in less than minutes.

3.    Deck toys

This is another online tool for teachers. The online learning system can be boring as you don’t have the feel of the traditional classrooms. This platform is going to assist teachers in making their digital classrooms interesting. A teacher can easily create and share lessons with their students by using easy tools. There are many features of this tool, but you should know to utilize and enjoy all these features, students and teachers must have an account on MS word.

4.    Trello

Trello is an online application cum website tool that can help students in managing their work. The pandemic situation has ruined our daily routine and has made our life confusing. If you want to get back on the fast lane and complete your assignments and other homework well in time, you can use Trello. This work management app is best for teachers as well as students of all levels. Teachers can assign and check the progress of work by connecting with their students. This can make distance learning more effective.

5.    Google classroom

The day-to-day communication tools and apps cannot cater to online learning and classrooms. So Google classroom is a viable option in this regard. There are many features and options that you can find in Google classroom, so we would suggest teachers and students try this digital platform. The tool is very easy to understand and use. Even a new user can use it like a pro. You can also use other relevant tools with Google classrooms; these include Google slides, Google meet, and many others.

6.    Kahoot

This is another important resource that you should have in your digital pocket. This tool is specially designed for teachers to make online learning interesting. The main purpose of this tool is to turn the education platform into an interesting playground. Teachers can create multiple games that can help students in not just killing time but also learning new stuff. Teachers from all across the globe create more than forty million existing games.

7.    Plagiarism checker by

The plagiarism checker by is a well-known platform for finding plagiarism issues in content. This online plagiarism checker is known best for students only because it is free to use and is extremely reliable and accurate in its work. Students can use this free plagiarism checker to scan assignments before submitting them to their teachers. Teachers can use the plagiarism checker tool in the same way to check the work submitted by their students. This duplication checker is free to use, and there is no need for any registrations and signups. This plagiarism checker can be used on all sorts of devices.

8.    Adventure academy

The adventure academy is another unique platform for students of young age. Online education has created problems mainly for students in junior grades, so this online tool will focus on helping them. This tool offers more than thousands of engaging activities that are both fun and safe for students. A student can enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay without any hassle. This gameplay would not only be fun but would also be productive for learning. Adventure academy focuses on building critical knowledge for language arts, math, social sciences, and social studies.

You can use these online resources to get help in managing your online education system. These are best for not only learning but also for training!


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