Post Article 370, 378 Terrorist Killed January-May This Year.

A total of fifty terrorist from have been killed from the beginning of the year 2020 in Jammu and Kashmir. The list of terrorists includes commanders of Jaish-e-Mohmmad (JeM) and Lashker-e-Tioba (LeT) which are credited to one of the most wanted terrorist groups in the country. The commanders from the groups were killed in counter firing, the officials said. According to officials, sevneteen security forces personnel lost their lives while fighting against the terrorists in the union territory. It is also believed that the militants also killed four civilians in the last four months. From the fifty terrorists killed this year, eighteen were said to be killed during the nationwide lockdown from 25th March in order the control the spreading of coronavirus across the country. Seventy-eight terrorists were killed in January-May this year as opposed to 101 being killed in the same period in 2019. The number of terrorist incidents, however, dropped from 223 to 78 in the same period.The officer said the recent increase in encounters and operations by security forces was not unusual and should not be seen in isolation as the focus was on stopping young boys from joining the terrorist ranks.
So far this year we have been successful in stopping 20 boys who could have joined terrorist groups. Pakistan is leaving no stone unturned by pushing fake propaganda and old messages to recruit them. Avinash Mohananey, a former Director General of Police who has also worked in Kashmir, shows angry against the government said the most significant part of continued terrorism was the ongoing local recruitment.Officials said that Pakistan continued to push terrorists and weapons from across the border and it did not wait even a single day as the snow melted . According to UAPA cases Article 370 was neither the problem nor a solution to militancy, the source is Pakistan. A clear-cut strategy is required as Kashmiris did not react violently react to 370. The next step is how to win the people over, but it cannot be done by killing them and without reviving the political process. The solution does not lie in violence.