I Have A Dream…

Yes, You had listened exactly true but what about this dream is, is it driving BMW? No! Is it having a candle night dinner on the sylvan setting with the beloved one-off course not? is it being an executive in any branch of Apple my answer is definite No! My dream is engulfed in a riddle composed of enthusiasm, astonishment, excitement at the conceit, and it will be obnoxious to announce it directly it will unravel bit by bit and will be exposed by the inference of this passage.

I was very young it’s about the sixth standard my pedagogy had started with the conscious mind by parents and institution as well, while my during my pedagogy I used to listen about one person who had to struggle with family problems struggling with various aspects of the life which an average rural Indian suffers but the most fascinating thing about that personality was ‘HE loves Books’ and while I grew up there was a common example I used to listen I came to hear every time That was ‘ Look at that guy and how compatible he is even with so harsh and pathetic conditions’ and leaving behind all these Aspects of Misery He achieved the feat and became a pioneer in the corporate world, and all these conversations about him in my family around my village Portrayed a picture in my deep conscious of my mind and this picture polished every day by one my best colleague I had never met him only imagine about his personality characteristic traits, etc. and this create a feeling of excitement, a feeling of captivity within me to ‘shake hands’ with him to ‘interact with him’ and Amid of this passing epoch a shocking message I had read from My best Friend That he is visiting Village While Iwas reading the text My eyes got Bliz this incresed my pulses, Someone you had portrayed and at a sudden stroke you come to know You are going to meet him it creates sensation, off course nervousness How will you project yourself before him? how you will shake your hands with him? and the most dramatic thing that increased the beats without any doubt How will you share the emotions, respect, and gratitude that you had developed for him over time. While driving the bike I portrayed another painting within on the sheet of my imaginative world and that imagination was ‘ I am shooting a short interview with someone whom for I had waited so long to meet’ and it was like ‘ The had come’ it was ticking around 6.45 in the evening my phone rings and I came to hear on phone that I will have a meeting with the ‘Apex’ shortly this increased my nerves my circulation of blood starts running with the pace that is generated by Akhtar against Sachin, I naively run out of my home to approach him and I found exactly more than what I had portrayed about him ‘So serene, down to earth, intellectually, pertinent to the soil, with huge magnanimous heart, with a great piece of generosity, a great personality with charm, captivity, and bright eyes. for me, it was like He was also waiting for me to interact, within a short span of time with him I reached fairly well within his personality While He was Speaking I listened to every word every sentence with extra sense and care and a single stroke of time I Feel My dream had Fulfilled while meeting I was thinking How can I increase this evening the horizon of this span although this meeting seems me very little. it was exactly the opposite happened this meeting was composed of the huge prospectus of career vision kept by honorable ‘dream guy’ with the mission to serve society and nation. MY all excitement fury charm and desire to meet him Was Saying ‘The Long Wait had Over’ and My beats Urging me and Saying Dushyant meet “ROBIN” whom for you had dreamed of shaking Hand.