Interstellar- Movie Review

Do not go gentle in the good night- Prof. Brand- character of the movie directed by Christopher Nolan.

Interstellar is 2014’s ambitious movie with good space drama  . It is a complicated film with layers of real world science mixed with a mind-bobbling fictional narrative . The movie portrays our planet at some unspecified time in future running out of food, and public is starving for food. Professor Brand (Michael Claine), in the meantine, starts devising plans to save humanity. He has two plans.

Plan A comprises harnessing fifth dimensional physics and using gravity in order to launch a  space station or stations big enough ,to transport the entire earth’s population safely away from the dirt and dying crops.

Plan B – to shoot a bunch of embryos into space in order to start a new colony from scratch- requires the first generation to be raised by an astronaut ,second by third and so on .

A team of explorers travel beyond this galaxy through a newly discovered warmhole to discover whether mankind has future among the stars.

Christopher Nolan – Director of the movie- has really played well with the camera. His films are imaginative , fun, exciting and big. There are  moments of brilliance , for long stretches  my eyes remain glued to the screen and mouth dropped open. I got goosebumps at a couple of times. The space  sequence was just mind blowing and some visuals actually made me feel I’m in space, but at some point of time, I felt  like there were huge ideas in the minds of filmmaker that conveyed relevant messege; rest, hwever, just mixed up.

I genuinely liked Cooper’s (Mathew McConaughey) character. He was terrific ,his family life  ,the entire setup was well set-up .The father-daughter emotional connection was so real that it kept me engaged in the whole movie. If that were not there, this would would have been a soul-less space exploration movie. That relationship gives the film much required warmth and humanity. The launch into space, CGI and entire mission was seamlessly incredible .

The music, on the other hand, was so intense that at some point I felt like I’m a part of the movie out there.

It was really engrossing to see a robot character- TRASH- that was clever as well as entertaining .

The themes of the movie are:-

What our place in life is!

What are existence is!

and what our purposes is !

which is really well depicted.

It would be really fun and exciting to know that which of the Professor Brand’s plan would work- Plan A or B?