“Maintain cleanliness – Remain happy and healthy.”

Who doesn’t like to live in a clean and neat home? We all regularly clean our house to keep it free from the dirt. We keep ourselves clean and follow good hygiene practices as well.

Just like we think about cleaning our home and body, the same way we should think of cleaning our environment. This is equally important because keeping cleanliness around you has many benefits.
Here are some benefits of cleaning:

● Cleaning is a great stress buster. Transforming a dirty place to a cleaner one can change your mood and also give you relief from your tension or stress. Once you have finished cleaning, you feel better, happy and relaxed.

● Living in clean surroundings can keep you away from different types of diseases and infections. This is because, cleaning kills majority of the bacteria, germs, viruses residing in the environment which are the main reason for spreading various kinds of illnesses. Personal hygiene is equally important to protect yourself from diseases.

● When you work in a cleaner environment, you become more productive. You can be more focussed towards your work and come up with new and innovative ideas for your work while sitting in a cleaner room. If your room is cluttered and messy, you can’t concentrate on your job properly.

● Residing in a clean place can make your thoughts positive and keep you away from the negativity. Clearing the dirt around you also cleans all the dirty ideas in your mind and helps you to have a positive approach for life.

● Cleaning can also prove to be good exercise. There is a lot of physical work involved in cleaning that can help you to burn your calories, as it involves the use of the entire body for removing the dirt from different places.

● Living in a clean and tidy place will calm your body and soul. You feel like living and resting in that place and relax for some time. It will give you a break from your busy life and also take you away from the chaotic world.

● If you keep your surroundings and home clean, you can reduce the workload of the cleaners and servants. You can help them by making their work easier. Keeping your city or state clean can affect tourism and employment positively.

● When you live in a tidy and organized home, you know where your things are kept. You can find them quickly and without getting tensed whenever you want them urgently. This helps to save your time.

Hence we can conclude that cleanliness has got many advantages. You get various physical, economical and mental benefits from it. Practising cleanliness around you will not only benefit you but also the surrounding people. It is a habit that has no side effects.

So, all of us should keep our home, city, state, country and the entire world clean and tidy. We shall contribute in our own way to maintain cleanliness. Our small contribution can be beneficial for all.