“Just write it down. You feel much better.”

Writing is my favourite pastime. I have a habit of writing daily. It is that time of the day which I like the most. This is because I get a chance during this time to write down what is going in my mind freely without any interference.

As time is progressing, people are forgetting the traditional art of writing which involves a paper and a pen and are shifting towards digital writing which is achieved by means of some kind of device. But this form of writing can never replace the conventional method.

There are many benefits that you can get from writing, such as:

● You can express the thoughts that are hurting you emotionally through writing in a better way. You might not feel comfortable to speak to someone about your stress, but writing it down could be an effective way to get rid of it. Once, you finish writing you feel free from tension.

● Writing definitely improves your writing skills. But, along with that, it also boosts your imagination and creativity skills, as you think of new ways to present your ideas on a paper. Your vocabulary improves as you learn new words while writing.

● You can relive any moment of your life at any time if you have a habit of writing about your daily routine. You make many memories in your lifetime and can live them whenever you want to simply by turning back the pages and reading about your old memories.

● Writing brings clarity to your ideas. It helps you to communicate effectively. Your thought process becomes more clear and direct due to writing. This helps you to make better life decisions.

● Writing teaches you to be more determined and confident in your life. While writing, you get involved in a completely different world wherein you are the boss of your thoughts. You just focus on your writing and are least affected by other people or what’s happening around you.

● You feel so calm and peaceful once you finish writing. This is because you get a sense of accomplishment after writing and you are able to completely drain out all your thoughts onto a paper.

● Writing is a great exercise for your brain. It is the easiest workout through which brain cells are stimulated to think creatively. It also proves very useful to enhance your memory.

● Writing can also be a good career option. If you can present your ideas in a proper format and be innovative with them then you can become a successful writer, poet or author. This can be a good job since you are getting paid and gaining recognition by doing what you like the most i.e. writing.

Thus, writing has many advantages to offer. Even if you don’t actually like to write, then too you should try to take some time from your daily routine and invest it in writing. This will gradually evolve the interest for writing in you and you will start liking it.

So whenever, you are tired of using the digital devices and thinking of doing something new without any investment. The best thing that could be done is to take a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and start writing. Just keep writing without any fear of being judged by anyone.