Contrary to popular aggressive fronts of Feminism, I might wish to start on a really passive note. it is very likely that several a time we mistake feminism for being very hostile towards men, some even naming this the ‘anti-men’ movement. Well to interrupt this delusional concept of these few, we might should first address the essential general idea behind feminism. Feminism incorporates the concept of equality between sexes in terms of political equality, social equality, etc. The feminist moment was a awfully radical movement that gained momentum mainly within the west (as the texts might want you to believe) but contrary to popular belief, every a part of the planet was fighting a battle of its own concerning gender equality. Here it’s inevitable to denote what many such arguments have stated if feminism does indeed incorporate the concept of equality between sexes why does it still give more weightage to the upliftment of ladies and not men and girls equally. If we flip through the pages of history we’d find that the plight of ladies was such they were only seen as a childbearing commodity. during this sense, they didn’t have any social standing. to own your own opinion, a distinct state of mind than those of the bulk of men was seen as blasphemous, it absolutely was against god’s wish to administer women an inquisitive mind and a voice. Till this date these instances are inescapable. While being attentive to a particular ted discuss feminism, the speaker didn’t fail to say that what irks us the foremost is that the 19th-century thinking of some opinionated people. Using their critical thinking for the more severe these few people associate the term with the shortcoming to seek out a decent husband. Here the medieval century thinking comes into play where women are tied right down to being managed by men all their life. While many might think that feminism paints a really beautiful picture, but we could only attribute this to the pioneers who went through the gruesome battles, fighting for the rights of ladies and coming this far. The history of India especially had a really dark past. India may be a culturally diverse country that had many such infamous traditions that even the Britishers thought were worth interfering with. The custom of Sati which involved self-immolation of the widow on the pyre of her husband was one such inhuman practice. Sati wasn’t practiced to send the husband and wife into heaven, but because widows, entitled to a number of the family property after their husband’s death (through the Dayabhaga Law in Bengal), became a liability because of the fear that they may claim it. Thus, coercing them into the mound was a secure bet. So it had been one in all the landmark moments in history when an analogous case happened with a young boy who had to witness his sister in law being forced to partake during this practice. This gallant young boy who we all remember as Raja Rammohan Roy then grew up to become one in all the best polygot scholars of Bengal and helped abolish this barbaric practice. Another such stalwart leader of the 19th century was Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, who was a prominent figure in advocating widow remarriage, helped accelerate this movement. However, we must always not be oblivious of the accomplishments of some of the lesser-known figures like Fatima Sheikh who is considered the primary Muslim woman teacher in India, Tarabai Shinde who defied the present patriarchy through her works in ‘Stri Purush Tulana’ in Marathi which translates to the comparison of ladies and men, etc. If this ongoing scenario will be described accurately, it’d not be wrong to mention that these great leaders have passed down the baton to us to hold on with the legacy in what looks as if an endless marathon. If we were to carefully assess the hindrances this movement faced, it’s hard to miss that beginning with misogyny, moving on with anti-feminist or misanthropic speeches, and so carrying on with the pseudo feminism, this vicious never-ending cycle has done but little to prevent its progression. Lastly, i’d put this time across that girls are subjugated, maligned, and mistreated throughout the ages but that failed to stop us from fighting for our rights. A bleak and unsure future didn’t deter us from our path.