Apple granted ‘synthetic socially distant group selfie’ patent

Apple has awarded with the patent which allows the users to take group selfie maintaining social distancing.

During the time of this pandemic, when social distancing is a necessity Apple has won a patent that would allow different users to take their selfies and combine them with the other selfies of their friends without being at the same place at a time.

This method allows users to rearrange themselves in a single frame of the selfie.

If you are a selfie lover then this news could excite you. This patent discusses a method to allows different users to combine the selfies with that of their friends’ selfies in a single frame.

Social distancing has become a part of our daily lives due to COVID-19. As per the norms of social distancing at least 6 feet distance should be maintained between two persons. We can’t go out during this period with our friends and family for fun. So, we can’t take a group selfie.

But Apple has a solution to this problem of not taking a group selfie. Two years ago a patent has been filed by this Tech giant to ease the process of group selfie.

What is a synthetic group selfie?

A Synthetic selfie is a combination of different users’ selfies taken from different sources, at different places merged in a single frame, by maintaining social distancing.

Still, it is not clear that this feature will be available on iPhone, iPad or both.

participants of this selfie need not be at different places necessarily. Selfies taken at the same place or nearby places can also be combined with this method.

Not only in this situation, but also in general this patent is very useful.

Friends and family members who are at a long distance can take the advantage of this feature.

 By this method- while taking selfies an option of group selfie will appear on the screen of the person who takes a selfie. The user selects that option to take his/her selfie. Then invites the other users to take their selfies or select from the existing one. 

Each person will take a selfie on their phone and send it to one phone on which the selfies will assemble into a group selfie. 

The software then combines the different selfies by adjusting the background to look like it is taken at the same place. The phone will use an AirDrop feature to send photos to the main device.

 The pictures included in the individual selfies can be ” still images, stored videos, or live streaming images.”

The different participants in the group can also adjust their positions, like if someone wants to be at the front or back of the selfie then they can modify once the selfie has been taken and compiled.

This patent is not filed in the response of following the social distancing norms. But this has been filed in July 2018. 

Apple just has been awarded the patent only its implementation is yet to be done. Like other technology companies, Apple also files for many patents but not every patent changes into the software.