Renaissance and literature

The literature what we study today has evolved over many centuries, and have gone through many changes in it’s pattern as well as study. The roots of it’s origin lies back in the world of European land in early 15 century.It was in this era when a major European civilization observed a major revolutionary trend which is famously known as “The Renaissance period”. It was an amazing era that experienced changes in the terms of science, literature, art, philosophy, religion, and people turned more towards the humanitarian approach of studying.

The word Renaissance refers to the revival of something, and here something means the revival of art and literature under the influence of classical models, in European land in 14th century and lasted till 16th century while being difused to the rest parts of the Western world.


The early 14th century saw the renewal of Platonic ideas which were further put to serve the Christianity.Talking about how much it effected the upcoming trends is evident from the works of the people who have been able to give us marvelous pieces of poetry, prose, novels and the works of art as well. When we say it was a great time that flashed a glance at many a changes in the world of literature and art, there are few names that are responsible for the first revolutionary ideas, namely, the works of Petrarch Machiavelli, Ariosto (Italy).
Again counting down the memory lane we find that at different parts of Europe a numerous number of poets and novelist appeared, such as that of “The father of English”, Geoffrey Chaucer. Another set of poets and great literary writers revived between 15th and 17th century are the great and immortal Sir William Shakespeare, who not only marked a new style of writing but also developed adorable pieces of writings. Along with him was Edmund Spenser, majorly famous for his poetry. And the list goes on to count a large number of poets and writers who emerged as great revolutionary and helped in the development of a new and more wide idea of humanism in the era of absolute monarchy.

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