Welcome everyone today my topic is about Technology. So, you can see that now technology became a daily part of our life. Technology has changed our lives in many ways, like development in economics, or helps us to gain knowledge on machines or anything. As technology has advantages but also have disadvantaged to like influencing the value of society or deplete natural resources. Like it said, everything in the world has advantages and disadvantages likewise technology comforts our life, but internally it’s also causing disadvantage to us.

So what is the exact definition for technology? So technology is nothing but the sum of techniques used for production or services for our development. In current times we people produce desired products to solve our problems or fulfill the need for ourselves. The main problem caused by technology is unemployment. As we know that in every company and factory or any workplace the machines have been set up to finish the work fast and easy, so by using machines the labor is having many problems so this leading to unemployment. Also, because of technology, there are social sites which are a very common problem in youngsters nowadays as it is increasing loneliness and depression among themselves. However, we should always remember that innovations had been made for our help not to make victims of technology. It always depends on how do we are going to use technology. The way we use the technology we get benefits in that way.

So how we should use the technology that will not harm us? There are some thoughts on how we can use technology without hurting ourselves or others.

First, the main point and most important point is we should use the right technology because this decision impact whether technology is a blessing or a curse to our productivity.

The second way is using automation tools as it can reduce more than half of our efforts that we are doing manually.

Third use the technology when you need it most because if we always use technology we will get dependent on it, and we will always seek help from technology.

Fourth point use your calendar app for organizing your time of using technology. For example, if I am social sites most of the time then, I should reduce the use of social sites as it has a slow and severe impact.

Hence, there are many details but these details are most valuable.

There are some interesting facts about technology.

1. Do you Google rent goats? Yes, you read correct Google rents the goat to eat the grass at their Mountain View Headquarters.

2. Can you tell me the age of the Internet? You must be thinking how can the internet have age as the Internet is not a human being, so how can it have aged! Let me tell you that the Internet does have age, It is now 11410years old.

3. Do you know there is a day for computer security? November 30 is known as “Computer Security Day.”

4. World’s first 1gb hard drive was introduced by IBM in 1980.

5. Email is older than the World Wide Web.

6. Techno phobia is known as the phobia for technology.

7. Homophobia is the fear of being without mobile.

8. Cyberphobia is the fear of computers.

9. The first computer mouse was invented by Doug Engelbart in 1963 and it was made from wood.

10. The first television broadcast took place in 1925.

So, these are some facts of technology.

In the last, I want to say that it depends on us do we need to depend on technology or not. On the one hand, if it can save a life it can also take life. Thank you for reading my article I hope to find it useful and enjoyed it.

Please let me know in the comment what you think about technology. Thank you and have a nice day.